Don't get yourself fooled! Do not buy on Viagogo!

14. January 2019

Did you buy a ticket through a reseller (eg Viagogo)? Read this article to learn more about the validity of your ticket.

What is a reseller / secondary seller / ticket marketplace (e.g. Viagogo)?
A reseller means that the store where you purchased the tickets is not an official ticket seller for the event. In order to sell real tickets, such store must visit an official seller (in the case of concerts sold by Lístocheck, directly or and buy tickets there. It continues to sell such tickets on his site at higher prices than the original price to earn money.

I bought the tickets on Viagogo, but they are marked with the Lístocheck logo. Am I a customer of Lístocheck or Viagogo?
Of course, that the ticket to our event is marked with our logo - it is our ticket. But if you bought it on Viagogo, you are a Viagogo's customer. Our customer is the person who originally bought the tickets from us and later sold them via Viagogo to you.

Are tickets purchased via Viagogo valid?
They may or may not be. In order to be valid, the ticket must bear the true and real name of the holder. When shopping on Lístocheck, the holder's name must be filled in on the cart page for each ticket separately. If the ticket bought via Viagogo doesn't bear your name, it is not valid. If you have purchased two tickets on Viagogo and both bear your name, only one of them is valid. The second ticket must bear the name of the person who will go with you to the concert.

How do I change my name on a ticket purchased through Viagogo?
Contact Viagogo to change the ticket name. They must accept this request if it is in their interest to sell valid tickets. The person who bought the tickets from us (and sold them via Viagogo to you) must contact our support at or to change the names on the tickets. Or they must sign in to their Lístocheck account and change the names directly in our system.

Can't you change names on such tickets?
We cannot. Only the person who bought the tickets with us meets the requirement to request the name change. The name of the ticket holder is the way we try to fight with the secondary sale of our tickets.

Is Viagogo a fraudulent site?
If you have purchased a valid ticket through Viagogo, it is not, if you were enticed to buy more expensive tickets and you could feel cheated. However, as mentioned above, in order for a ticket to be valid in the Lístocheck network, the ticket must bear a valid name of the ticket holder. Our tickets, that Viagogo is selling, do not. Viagogo is not following our terms and conditions and consciously sends its customers invalid tickets with made-up names. Thus, they sell invalid tickets at higher than official prices, which can be seen as a fraudulent sale.

I bought Viagogo tickets with weird names on them, they don't respond to my questions. What should I do?
First and foremost, never buy via Viagogo any tickets again, because you can not pre-check their origin or validity. Seek your customer rights wherever possible. In the Czech Republic, some banks have already banned their card payments on Viagogo. Viagogo also received several fines from the Czech Trade Inspection. They have already taken legal action in England to limit the amount of fees that Viagogo can charge its customers. However, Viagogo will continue to thrive as long as there are still enough people to be lured into their fraudulent ads. Warn your friends about Viagogo and help to spread the awareness about a website that is consciously trying to fool and take advantage on less experienced visitors to cultural events.