Do not be shy about your real name

14. June 2018

We very much appreciate that you are buying tickets via Lístocheck. Our system is created with love to offer you the best services in the ticket market. From the start, we only bring tickets that are tied to the name of a particular visitor. We are convinced that having a real name on the ticket brings many benefits. See this article for more info.

By entering your real name on your ticket, you protect yourself from the theft. If you enter your real name when you buy your eTiket or FanTiket, you will never lose it. If your FanTiket is lost or stolen, you just need to let us know and we'll send you new tickets. Lost or stolen tickets will be void. If you misplace your eTikets, you can easily download them at

By presenting your real name, you also help us fight against illegal merchants (eg Viagogo) who earn on your trustworthiness. Do not let speculators rob you and your favorite band or artist. Listocheck is always the only and exclusive seller for the events it is offering. These tickets can be bought nowhere else and are valid only with the name of the actual holder. If someone offers you a ticket with Listocheck logo, be careful. Check out at or whether the ticket can not be bought officially much cheaper. If you have already purchased the ticket unofficially, do not be fooled and let us know. We'll solve the situation so you can really get to the concert.

The third and very important reason why writing a real name on every eTiket or FanTiket is important, is security. Each organizer bears responsibility for your safety and event convenience. We at Listocheck are aware that you wish to enjoy the concert as much as possible. That's why we care for you to make the security precautions as little as possible. Writing the right name on the ticket is at least what you can do for your safety.

With Listocheck, we revolutionized the way you buy tickets. Without the name the ticket is invalid. We know that life brings different situations. That's why you can change your name on every ticket bought through Only by yourself and directly in the system. The first change is free. If you do not have an account or you do not know how to do it, please let us know. We can help.

We thank you and wish you a lot of fun with Lístocheck